Since the early 1990s, I’ve written over 300 articles, mainly in British papers and journals, but also in the Spanish and Catalan press.

Manuel Vázquez Montalbán once graded literary genres. Poets (of course) were the noblest writers. Necrologists, vultures chewing over the dead, came in last in the list. I’ve written some 70 obituaries for The Guardian.

Here are links to a few recent articles.

Book review in the Times Literary Supplement:

 Obituary in The Guardian:

Article in Catalonia Today:

Book review in Literary Review:

An interview from way back with the great Bernardo Atxaga:

An interview with Douglas Suttle, founder of Fum d’Estampa, a new publishing house translating Catalan literature into English, in the excellent, radical Catalan weekly, El temps.

Una entrevista amb en Douglas Suttle, fundador de l’editorial Fum d’Estampa:

Y por último, un artículo militante de 2014 sobre el rey emérito Juan Carlos:



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