You can reach me at zvpunry.rnhqr@tznvy.pbz

If you want to buy any of the books advertised on this web site, order through your local bookshop or on-line from the publisher.

Please try not to buy through Amazon, as this ubiquitous leader of platform capitalism exploits its workforce and leads planet-destroying consumerism.

One exception, which you can buy direct from me: the book/pamphlet on the Transition for 5€ plus p&p

Puedes comprar el libro sobre la Transición a través de mí: por 5€ + coste de correo.

Pots comprar el llibre sobre la Transició a través meu: a 5€ més les despeses d’enviament.

Last but not least, the struggles to defeat Spanish capitalism can be followed on the web-site of Anticapitalistas, 

The fight for Catalan independence and a socialist society can be followed at:

Photo: Marisa Asensio

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